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While on holiday.
Monday, August 25, 2014

Listening to: Proof by Paramore.

I haven't blogged in a really long while and I don't know if I still can or whether I'm going to have writer's block every so often. So many things have happened since I last blogged. 

For one, I've graduated from IMU! :D Currently waiting to go to the UK to further my studies into the clinical phase, oo how exciting. No really. I am genuinely excited. But that would mean I'll be without my family, whom I cannot imagine living without, so that's a worrying thought. And also, my boyfriend. So yeah, that's the second thing :) Boyfriend and I have been together since January :D And next, I've been traveling so much and having so much fun! Next stop, TAIWAN :D Will blog about that when I get back. As if I've been blogging about my previous trips.

Japan - with Mount Fuji in the background.


Hiked up Mount KK - 4095m up!

Batu caves for the first time!

Endau Rompin - beach house 

So there's a summary of all the things I've done since June. Heehee. I don't like leaving things half hanging, so there you go.

Well the reason I'm blogging again is, I started reading the books I bought since, 2012! Hahaha. And thought, hey I should start blogging again. I have always liked writing. In high school, I took pride in my English essays, always so lengthy with all the imagination I could think of in that 2 hours albeit the child-like writing. But all that has since died down and I am left with my (still) limited vocabulary and horrible linkages in writing :( There was a time in my life, what with all the imagination I had, I thought I could be an author of Children's books, in addition to my childish-like writing of course. Alas, that short-lived time is gone as well because I no longer have the inspiration I once had. Hopefully with blogging, I'll be able to still have that going. 

Currently, I'm reading Vintage Magic from the little black dress series but the 2 books that I absolutely love, with twists in their plots, deep thought put into it and extended vocabulary are from an author I admire very much, Cecelia Ahern. Her stories seem straight forward at first but takes a twist in between and finishes with a heart warming ending. Very beautifully written and I had the urge to write to her or better yet, see her to express my admiration, just like what Hazel Grace did in 'The Fault in our Stars'.

Well, this seems like a redundant post. I should have specific topics soon.

A time, not so long ago.
Monday, January 7, 2013

Now playing: When I was your man by Bruno Mars

It's already the 7th day of 2013! Happy new year everyoneeee :D :D I had a pretty simple NYE. Went prayers in the evening and spent a quiet night at a friend's place :) But what we do is one thing, who we spend it with, now that's the other thing, which in my opinion will always be the more important one :) But having said that, thank goodness I got to see fireworks. I'm a sucker for fireworks. It's not i repeat NOT complete without fireworks :P :P Heh.

So, I shall update about one of the best vacations I've ever been on. And that's to Queenland, Australia where my brother studied. One reason why it was one of the best, I finally got to go to a Western country for a holiday. For the past 20 years, I've only been to Asian countries like China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and all that.

Day 1: EXCITED OHMYGAT. But an 8 hour flight was seriously a little too long for me :/

View from the 23rd floor. Spent the 2nd day at Harbour town, the best place to shop! They have discounts everywhere :D :D

Best Ramen in town! And they give a free noodle refill! :9

Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does (Y)

Day 3: Tambourine Mountain.

Met a cute little corgi at one of the inns on the mountain.

Glow worm cave merchandise.

Day 4: Sea World! :D :D 

Patrick out of water.


Waiting for the spectacular dolphin show.

The picture speaks for itself. 

The shark was HUGE. Too bad it was blur and my dad didn't capture it in time oh well :)

Woke up to watch the sunrise the next morning at 4.20am! But the sun hadn't even risen and the battery died -___- SO FAIL.

Day 5: Movie World!

The Superman Ride: The best ride everrrr! But also because I didnt get to go to DreamWorld :( And they say that's where the best rides are D: 

Day 6: Road trip! Was on our way to Tropical Fruit World which is pretty far away I think ._. So we stopped by at random places to take pictures.

Pretty view ain't it? :)

Got so annoyed at my hair.

Stopped at this random fresh seafood market slash restaurant. Their seafood was suuuper fresh and they had big portions for such a cheap price :D Definitely worth the stop. Then we finally found our way to Tropical Fruit World which was totally worth the trip! Dad was initially very VERY reluctant to go. There were so many exotic fruits :D To name a few:

Blood orange.

Miracle fruit. If you peel it and suck on it, everything sour will turn sweet! It was damn cool :D

Caviar lime. It's this oval-shaped lime and inside it looks like caviar. Normally used for decorations on dishes and to give it that sour taste. Well duh, it's a lime.

Brother trying to act cooooool ._.

There was a petting zoo! :P

This kangaroo.

Keeps ignoring me.

Day 7: Wet & Wild.

The ride behind me is by far the best water ride I've even been on. And also the scariest. You first step into this capsule at the top and the base of the capsule opens up and you drop at an almost 90 degree angle holyfreaaaaaaak! And you go through a loopdeeloop, with your face continuously splashed with water you cant breathe D: But still, the best (Y)

Day 8: Off to Brisbane! Family picture at the balcony of our apartment. Gold coast definitely left a mark in my life 

Day 9: Walked around Brissie. And there was this humoungous tree in my brother's uni. So being the Asians we are, we just had to take a picture :P

Dad trying to be cool LOL.

And we celebrated my dad's birthday at Max Brenner, the best chocolate shop there is. Dont miss it if you're in Brissie! :D

Day 10: Australia Zoo, under the care of the late Steve Irwin's family. 

A crocodile used to be this huge centuries ago! Holymarshmallows can die! D:

Koalas, the fluffiest, softest little things :D So in love with them! 

 A red kangaroo, yknow, just chilling.

Some awesome eagle.

Jumpshot with Steve! This was a landing shot hence the ugly face. Spot ze double chin woo! D:

Day 11: Walked around the streets of Brissie again. Without the brother this time because he had to pack his stuff. Doesnt really matter since he's been walking these streets for almost a year anyways haha.

The cutest teapots! I had my eye on the giraffe.

And guess who I spotted? :') So nostalgic. The bear who absolutely loves marmalade. A jam I cannot learn to appreciate.

Had our dinner that night at a pub and bar. Great night, great food with great music.

Day 12: Brother's convocation.

All grown up :') So handsomeeee! I wouldnt have said this a few years back. But now, I have learned to accept the truth LOL.


Wouldnt have turned out nice without le pro photographer ahem :P

Because we just had to take a family photo at every pretty corner of the university!

Spent the night on top of a hill. And again, I forgot the name :/ Memory is failing me! It's kinda like look out point in ampang except, this aint no ampang. Had my favourite lamb kebab for the last time on our last night there. Satisfieddd!

Last picture of the trip. Yes I wore the same shirt as the one I wore when I went there but that's the only long sleeve I have and you get cold in the aeroplane for 8 hours. 

And that day was also an experience because we were suppose to fly from Gold Coast. Out flight was supposedly at 9.25am so we rushed from Brissie and that took a little over an hour to get to Gold Coast, only to find out our flight got delayed. So we practically stoned for 2/3 hours. Then we were notified that our flight got diverted to Brissie so we were provided a bus to get there so back there we went. Only took off at 4 plus :/

All in all, I had the time of my life. Now back to books. Exams in 2 and a half weeks shit!


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